Vitamina B1
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Vitamina B1

CAS nº 59-43-8

Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine.It is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the vitamin B family.



Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, named "thio-vitamine" (sulphur-containing vitamins). Molecular formula C12H17N4OS+. It is one of the 13 essential vitamins for the human body. It is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the vitamin B family. It was eventually designated the generic denomination vitamin B1. Its phosphate derivatives participate in many cellular processes. The best form is thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), a coenzyme for the catabolism of sugars and amino acids.

Item de AnáliseUnidadeEspecificaçãoMétodo de testeResultado
Aparência----White or almost white crystals or crystalline powderObservandoPó cristalino quase branco
Solubilidade----Sparingly soluble in water,freely soluble in boiling water,slightly soluble in ethanol and in methanol, very slightly soluble in chloroform.Testes físicos e químicosObedecer
identificação----Conheça o requerimentoIR, Physical and chemical identificationObedecer
Ensaio%98.0~101.0(Dried substance)Titulação potenciométrica99.7
pH----6.8 7.5 ~medidor de pH7.1
Aparência da Solução----Clear and not more intensely coloured than the reference solutionMétodo colorimétricoObedecer
Perda ao secar%≤ 1.0Oven-drying method0.14
Sulphated Ash/Residue onIgnition%≤ 0.1Abafar0.04
Cloreto%≤ 0.06Método colorimétrico<0.06
Qualquer impureza%≤ 1.0HPLC0.06
Impureza total%≤ 1.5HPLC0.16
Compostos relacionados%≤ 1.0HPLC0.23
Conduzirmg / kg≤ 2Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric<2
Solvente residualppm≤ 3000GCND
Conclusion: This batch of VITAMIN B1 Thiamine Mononitrate meets the requirements of  BP2015/USP43.

Funções e Aplicações

1. It can protect the nervous system and promote gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite.

2. It mainly plays the role of sugar and sugar (starch) in the process of digestion in the food, and finally produces energy; at the same time, it is necessary for muscle coordination and maintenance of nerve conduction.

3. It also has a moderate diuretic effect.

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