Cloreto de Magnésio Grau Farmacêutico
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Cloreto de Magnésio Grau Farmacêutico



Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride is a high-purity form of magnesium chloride that meets stringent quality and safety standards set by regulatory authorities in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in pharmaceutical and medicinal applications, and it is subject to rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure its suitability for use in medications and healthcare products. Here's an introduction to pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride:

Composição química:

  • Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride has the chemical formula MgCl2. It consists of magnesium ions (Mg²⁺) and chloride ions (Cl⁻).

Pureza e Qualidade:

  • Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride is characterized by its high purity and low levels of impurities, including heavy metals and contaminants. It is typically produced under strict quality control procedures to meet the purity standards required for pharmaceutical use.

Propriedades físicas:

  • Aparência:It is typically available as a white, crystalline powder or flakes.
  • Solubilidade:Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride is highly soluble in water, making it suitable for various pharmaceutical formulations.

Relatório de teste de hexahidrato de cloreto de magnésio de grau farmacêutico

NOMEMagnesium Chloride HexahydratePRÓ. DATA2023-01-09
LOTE N º.20230109PACKAGE25 kg / pacote
Temperature : 25℃
Umidade: 55%
SolubilidadeVery soluble in water, freely soluble in
ethanol(96 percent)
Aparência da soluçãoLímpido e incolorCumpreQualificado
Identification TestsA)  Gives reaction of Chloride
B)  Gives reaction of Magnesium
A) Complies
B) Complies
Assay (MgCl2.6H2O),W/%98.0-101.0100.61Qualificado
Insoluble matter,W/%≤ 0.005<0.005Qualificado
Ba,(mg/kg)No turbidity is produced within 2hCumpreQualificado
Ca,(mg/kg)≤ 10021Qualificado
As,(mg/kg)≤ 0.5Não detectadoQualificado
Al,(mg/kg)≤ 1<1Qualificado
Pb,(mg/kg)≤ 1<1Qualificado
NH4  ,(mg/kg)≤ 5026Qualificado
Heavy Metals,(mg/kg)≤ 10<2Qualificado
K,(mg/kg)No turbidity is produced within 5 minCumpreQualificado
Sulfate(and chloride),W/%≤ 0.005<0.005Qualificado
CONCLUSÃO: Qualificado

Funções e Aplicações

  1. 1:Medications:It is used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in various medications and healthcare products. Magnesium chloride is utilized in pharmaceutical formulations due to its role as a magnesium source and for its potential therapeutic effects.

  2. 2:Intravenous (IV) Solutions:Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride may be used in the preparation of IV solutions, especially in situations where magnesium supplementation is necessary for patients with magnesium deficiencies or specific medical conditions.

  3. 3:Oral Supplements:It can be found in oral magnesium supplements, which are used to address magnesium deficiencies and support various health conditions.

Precauções de manuseamento:

  • Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride is intended for pharmaceutical and medicinal use and is subject to strict quality control and safety measures to ensure its safety for human consumption.

Embalagem e armazenamento:

  • It is typically available in packaging suitable for pharmaceutical use, such as tightly sealed containers.
  • Store it in a dry place away from moisture and light to maintain its stability and quality.

Conformidade Regulatória:

  • Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride must adhere to the regulations and standards set by pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in the region or country where it is used. Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is essential.

Informação do fornecedor:

  • Source pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride from reputable suppliers who adhere to pharmaceutical industry standards and regulations.

When used in pharmaceutical applications, it is critical to ensure that the product meets the required quality, purity, and safety standards. Always consult with pharmaceutical experts and comply with regulatory requirements when incorporating pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride into medications or healthcare products.

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