Vitamin K3

CAS #58-27-5

Vitamin K3, also known as menadione, is a synthetic supplement that acts as a precursor for vitamin K2


Vitamin K3, also known as menadione, is a synthetic supplement that acts as a precursor for vitamin K2, the most useful form of vitamin K for the human body. Since menadione does contain some vitamin K activity, it is commonly placed in livestock feed and some pet food to increase nutrient content. The use of vitamin K3 supplements in most developed countries is banned due to its possible side effects, such as damage to internal organs like kidneys or liver. Research on vitamin K3 has shown that it has some effect in combating certain types of cancer, yet research in regards to human safety remains inconclusive.

Test items Specifications Results
Apperance White powder or similar-white crystalline powder White crystalline powder
Odor Slight olid or slight pungent slight pungent
(C11H8O2•NaHSO3•3H2O)% ≥96.0% 97.00%
Menadione % ≥50.0% 50.57%
H2O % ≤13.0% 9.88%
Water solubility w/v ≥2.0% Conform
Heavy metals (ad Pb) ≤20ppm <20ppm
As ≤0.0005% <0.0005%
NaHSO3 ≤10.0% 3.38%
Fluidity Good Conform
Particle size 100% pass through 40mesh Conform

Functions and Applications

1. Dual function of one-Reabsorption prevention and Osteoblast-Promoting: 
VK2 promotes the formation of Osteocalcin,increases the density of bones and reduces bone loss. It’s a new medicine to cure and prevent osteoporosis and fracture.
2. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 Curing haemorrhage caused by Menaphthone
Vitamin K3 deficiency: Menaphthone Vitamin K3 promotes the formation of thrombin,accelerates blood clotting, accelerates and maintains proper clotting time.
3. Preventing and retarding calsification of blood vessels,preventing arteriosclerosis caused by calsification
4. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 2 can be used as a PKA active regulator to promote the detoxifcation of liver, prevent and cure hepatic fibrosis, live cancer and lung cancer
5. Menaphthone Vitamin K3 derived from the dermented soy product natto has a higher bioavailability than vitamin K1

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